Accountants Direct has partnered with Australia’s leading online loan brokering service – Ebroker, just in time for the busy 2021 tax season.

Accountants Direct CEO Steve Burns commented ‘clients often look to their accountant for direction on a range of loans. We partnered with the team at ebroker as they are one of the few loan brokers who offer a free and fully unbiased service’. ‘We also love the self-service option that ebroker provides and the fact that the clients’ credit history is not affected’ he said.

Whether you are after a better deal on your mortgage, looking for a better car loan or are a small business needing a line of credit, Ebroker has access to over 120 lenders. It is their job to search and find the best rate or deal. 

Click here and pop your basic details in. You’ll get a call back usually straight away. or check out their self-service research option.

ebroker can offer assistance with:
*Home Loans
*Car loans
*Loan consolidation
*Personal Loans
*Commercial loans

Here’s how they have helped some clients already.

Clients presented looking at options of reviewing their mortgage, reducing repayments of credit cards, and looking for options around funding for a pool. The client was paying 1.5% above the available mortgage rate and 18% on credit cards. After discussing options and having available equity in the property ebroker refinanced the home at a low variable rate of 2.49% with an offset account, including the credit card debt and taking out cash to complete the pool.