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We’re happy you’re here because it means you’re serious about getting the best tax return possible. At Accountants Direct, our tax experts can make that happen.

Why over 70% of Australians use a Tax

With the effects of COVID, working from home situations and
Jobkeeper still relevant to our tax returns- it’s a tax season
unlike others. Attempting to do your own tax return can be time
consuming and difficult, with hours lost trying to navigate what you
are entitled to.

Tax is a complex business and while the ATO has supplied a DIY
online tax return, their expertise lies in taking your tax, not giving it

Tax Time 2021 1
Tax Time 2021 2

Join the 74% of other Australians who are using a registered Tax Agent to:

  • Reduce their own stress, frustration and time wasted
  • Increase the accuracy of information supplied to the ATO
  • Maximise the returns received

At Accountants Direct, our Tax Agents work diligently, ticking all the required boxes to get every dollar of your hard earned money back into your pocket, not left in the ATO’s. We’ll help you navigate all the complexities and get you the best result possible.

Expert advice from your own home or anywhere you like!

Many people believe that using a Tax Agent means spending precious business hours sitting with an agent at an office – this is why many may attempt to lodge their own return. Our Tax Agents make your tax return experience enjoyable by offering our services in the comfort of your own home. We save your precious time by making it as easy and convenient for you to do your return at a time that works for you. Our Tax Agents will connect with you at your nominated time over the phone or via video call. Spaces are starting to fill up, enter your details below to secure your appointment today.
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