Struggling to Raise Funds
Via Traditional Methods?

Crowdfunding could be what you are after. It’s perfect for start ups or high growth ventures who may not have a track record or access to more traditional funding methods.

As public accountants and registered ASIC agents, we can arrange the setup of your new venture, and make changes to the company whenever your ASIC register needs to be updated.

Once we get your structure compliant, we will assist with the listing of your venture on one of the many crowdfunding websites which are also known as crowdfunding intermediaries.

Crowdfunding Advantages

For anyone looking to raise finance for their business or idea via crowdfunding,
here’s just a few advantages you should keep in mind.


There are often minimal upfront fees or costs, and
you may be able to negotiate a portion of your fees
as success based (ask us).


There is little financial risk with almost no start up debt
(you will be losing some equity however).


Money can be raised quickly with the right idea and
plan, and great campaigns can go viral.


Social networks, websites, and online platforms can result in speedy and widespread exposure.


You can use the crowdfunding campaign to gauge public perception, generate interest, and obtain feedback.


Investors and donors can become personally invested in campaigns and this will help you build loyalty programs and interest in your idea.

Crowdfunding May Be Suitable for You If:

  • You are an ambitious, fast-growing enterprise that wants to scale up or acquire a complimentary business.
  • You are struggling to raise funds via traditional methods, or the terms don’t suit you.
  • You don’t qualify for Early-Stage Innovation Company Capital Raising because of the company’s age, turnover or
    expenditure being higher than the allowed amounts.
  • You are a company with debts that the director(s) would
    like to repay (perhaps a Div7a debt), save interest and
    enable the security that has probably been supplied by
    someone else, to be released.
  • You are a company with a succession problem that an
    injection of new capital would assist in sorting out!

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A Typical Offer

With our help get listed on one of the many crowdfunding intermediary sites.

Our Crowdfunding Service Includes

Your tax done by a pro ‘live’ from start to finish at a fraction of the cost.
Free no-risk audit insurance and Australia’s fastest ‘pay nothing upfront’ refund*

Business Plan

Preparation of business plan, budgets and cashflow forecast.

Business valuation

Company valuation and
share price determination

Governance Advice

Company directors’ mentoring advice relative to corporate governance

Virtual CFO Option

Virtual Chief Financial
Officer Service

As a client, you’ll be brought thru an extensive 12-point plan (including 45 proprietary process documents) to ensure you have the best chance of raising the capital you need. We can even help with the marketing and communications process if required.

We’ve successfully navigated the process ourselves so why not benefit from our experience.

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As Australia’s first specialist over-the-phone accountant, over time we’ve developed a unique system to allow the safe and convenient delivery of expert ‘live’ services to thousands of clients worldwide.

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Crowdfunding is a process of raising money for a start up or high growth business, generally from a large number of investors that invest small amounts of money. Unlike traditional methods of raising finance, crowdfunding is innovative and based on the concept of raising funding via ‘crowds’ of people. Most ‘crowdfunders’ view their funding contribution as an investment into the business venture. In return, they will be rewarded with a return on their investment and or equity in the business. Crowdfunding is becoming very popular because it’s a great alternative way of raising money quickly especially if you are struggling to get investors, or the right terms.

Crowdfunding enables start up or high growth business to attract investors by raising sums of money from a crowd of people who are willing to invest in the business. In order to start a crowdfunding campaign, there needs to be a specific business idea or concept, and a specific capital goal amount in place. Businesses and entrepreneurs can then ask or invite a number of people to donate various sums of money (small and large) until the crowdfunding goal is achieved. Crowdfunding happens online on via one of the many crowd-funding websites which are also known as Crowd Funding Intermediaries and ‘offers’ are generally communicated via social media so they can be widely shared and marketed at relatively low cost.

Some of the most popular business crowdfunding platforms include:

Birchel –
Equitise –
Onmarket –
Venturecrowd –
PrimaryMarkets –