Truckies, we specialise in affordable professional tax returns to the transport industry

Expert truckies tax returns at an affordable rate.

As specialists in truck driver and transport industry tax returns, digging deep to uncover all your deductions is what we are good at. We go the extra mile to discover driver-specific expenses this year and set you up for future years to minimize the tax you pay.

It’s a fact that, of all occupations, Truckies tend to claim much less than they are entitled to due to the nature of their job. You usually spend a lot of time away, so expenses rack up quickly and many are forgotten or simply unknown.

We’ve helped hundreds of long and short haulers get more at tax time. We can even check your previous returns for missed deductions and lodge an amendment as part of our bonus tax refund service.

We offer, a no fee upfront option, free audit insurance and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Tax season bookings available now and filling up fast.

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Here’s a list of potential deductions and check out the happy client reviews on your right.

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