Had a phone call from Sumit to get my tax return that is over due sorted, it’s not been completed as yet because I have crypto assets I have accumulated and now need to educate and wade through transactions etcetera, but was given some helpful advice and instructions and will do that before we file my return…great service very much appreciated
Margaret Brown

Benefits of Our Crypto Tax Specialists Service

For convenient, easy and accurate crypto tax returns you can’t go past Accountants Direct. We own Crypto ourselves and are avid traders.


We are current with ATO tax law and also keep track of the constant development in the field.


Our crypto team supports and understands leading tax platforms including Legible, Cointracking and Coinly.


Most accountants have not grasped the potential of Crypto and blockchain. We are crypto (and general tech) enthusiasts ourselves.


We can review your current and future gains or losses prior to June 30 to maximise your overall tax position.

Our favourite tools

Software helps us streamline transactional tasks, but it cannot replace the human element. At Accountants Direct, we believe in leveraging our human expertise with industry leading technology such as our preferred partners above.

Demystify Australian Crypto Tax Law

Lets face it, Aussie (and global) tax law relating to Crypto is a moving feast. It could take years to get a solid policy on how to tax cryptocurrency. In the meantime, like us, you may be an early investor and be sitting on some serious gains and worried about the tax implications when you want to cash in. We get it. Get the advice you need to make the right decision before a sale.

Wondering Where to Start on Crypto Taxes?

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Accountants Direct provides our clients with a one-stop shop for crypto tax accounting, ranging from tax returns to individual tax planning and advice. We offer a service that caters to occasional investors up to serious crypto entrepreneurs.

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As Australia’s first specialist over-the-phone accountant, over time we’ve developed a unique system to allow the safe and convenient delivery of expert ‘live’ services to thousands of clients worldwide.

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You’re not taxed when you buy cryptocurrency in Australia but if you’ve sold crypto then you may need to pay tax but how you’re taxed can vary depending on the type of crypto transaction and your circumstances. We’ve completed a full guide here in our blog section.

Aussies ‘declare’ their crypto transactions in their annual income tax returns. Therefore, keeping accurate records of the purchase is very important so that you can calculate the cost basis of the transaction when you decide to sell or ‘dispose’ of your crypto – as that is the moment when you will have to pay tax. We’ve completed a full guide here in our blog section.