What Our Partner’s Say About Us

Back Yourself (With Our Support)

Backing yourself to open a business is a life changing experience. The benefits are rewarding, but there are logistical, financials and operation pitfalls to navigate. Get the support you need from the people who succeed.


Our bespoke compliance workflow software will help you seamlessly quote, bill, manage and complete all manner of tax returns quickly and accurately.


Just released and exclusive to Accountants Direct, Payou speeds up all fee from refund client payments by up to a week allowing you to save time, money and staff.


Effective marketing is key to running any successful venture. Let us assist you reach out to your new client base, which can be anywhere in the world.


Our systems allow you to service clients in your suburb, or anywhere in Australia or the world. Save time cost and your sanity!


Well over 200,000 new
employees start working every
year. Many need tax advice
from day 1. Be part of the
growth of the industry


Depending on your experience, we can get you started for less than you think. We can even offer you head office work until your own practice grows.

Why Partner With Us?

We are Australia’s First & Best!

As Australia’s first specialist over-the-phone accountant, over time we’ve developed a unique system to allow the safe and convenient delivery of expert ‘live’ services to thousands of clients worldwide.

Our Accreditations & Official Partners:

Got a Burning Question? Let Us Help.

To become an Accountants Direct partner you’ll need to have, or be close to having a Nationally recognised accounting qualification, or have significant experience preparing Australian tax and accounting and advisory or want to learn. It’s common for our team to have some membership with a professional accounting body. Qualifications aside, our partners are motivated to start and build their own successful businesses and their own personal development and we reward team players and honest hard workers.

As you will have access to our state-of-the-art remote working software and systems you can work from anywhere you like. Some of our partners have local offices, some have tax season pop ups in retail locations and some prefer to operate over the phone or via online video. Its up to you.

A lot less than you may think. Full pricing is disclosed after our intial meeting.

In our opinion creating physical boundaries can be counter-productive and not in keeping with our company ethos. All we ask is that you respect, collaborate and communicate with your fellow partners and head Office; that way everyone is rewarded on effort.

What you make is wholly reliant on customer demand, your marketing effectiveness and overhead. We cannot provide you with any guaranteed income. Accountants Direct collects all fees and charges and pays you your share regularly. There are various revenue streams including tax preparation fees, extra services, accounting and advisory fees.

Unlike most franchisees we know it’s our job to promote our brand and services so we don’t charge a marketing levy. We do however require you to do your own local marketing, and collaborate and communicate with fellow distributors and Head Office. We welcome new ideas and will assist with this task and will provide you with initial materials and creative services. (All customer facing materials need to be approved by us prior to being used).

We will fully train you in our systems, and will provide a degree of mentorship and review, but we expect you to be an accountant or expereinced tax professional prior to coming to us.