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Get $500 of your tax refund in
your bank instantly for $50 extra.
Available at all locations and now
over the phone to approved applicants.
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Get up to $500 instantly for $50 extra.
*Following approval. Pay absolutely nothing up front

Three easy steps to your advance

Let your Accountants Direct Consultant know that you wish to apply for our Refund Advance option. We will check your photo ID, ask you some questions and complete a short background check on the ATO portal to see if you are eligible
How do I know if I’m eligible?

Once you agree to our fee quote we will professionally prepare your tax return ensuring you receive the best refund possible. If your estimated refund covers your Refund Advance plus our fees a Registered Tax Agent will complete a fast second check of your return.

Once approved we’ll deposit your Refund Advance to your nominated bank account instantly. We will send the balance of your refund when we get it from the ATO – usually in 2-4 weeks.

Access funds instantly

Refund Advance





Estimated wait times based on our experience in recent years.
May increase considerably should the ATO seek additional information relating to your return.

How much can I get?

Clients will be offered a maximum Refund Advance of $500. You can opt for a lesser amount as dictated by your estimated refund, but our fees will be the same.
In future years we will be increasing our maximum advances.

Frequently Asked Questions

Refund Advance is not offered to non-Australian residents or anyone who cannot provide a valid, current Australian photo ID, or anyone who has not lodged at least the most recent two years previous tax returns with the ATO. The service will not be available to anyone who does not lodge a return with Accountants Direct, or anyone who has a history of Centrelink debt or child support payments in the past 3 years. We also will need to evaluate some clients who have had Family Tax Benefit over payments or SPER fines in the past 3 years or anyone who has a history of any Government debt unpaid and recovered by the ATO or their tax refund has been garnished. Additionally, we will exclude anyone who has or had a current fee debt with ourselves or related entities, unless they choose to finalize that debt prior to applying for the Refund Advance. We retain the right to exclude any applicant whatsoever we consider, at our sole discretion, to be a credit risk.
To apply please visit one of the Accountants Direct Pop Up Tax Shops listed on this website. A full list of all Accountants Direct locations can be found here.

In future we will offer this service via all of our locations and online.
The ATO starts full processing of tax returns around July 5 and starts paying standard refunds in late July. The length of time to receive your tax return this way varies from 14 to 21 days unless it has been held up for further scrutiny.

Want a portion of your tax refund instantly? Apply for Refund Advance at select Account Direct Pop Up Tax Shop locations this tax season
When the ATO or distributes your refund, your remaining refund amount (minus your Refund Advance amount from your refund and any other agreed upon fees) will be deposited into your nominated bank account.
When the ATO processes your refund, your Refund Advance is automatically paid back. You won’t have to do anything!
Your approved amount is based on your business history with us and your tax information, along with other factors. You may not receive the maximum Refund Advance amount if one of these factors doesn’t meet our qualifying standards, or your expected refund is lower than the Refund Advance plus your agreed fees.
If your ATO Refund does not cover the Refund Advance and our fees for use of the service will notify you and request that you repay the debt. If we cannot settle the debt mutually, we will direct debit your bank account and commence debt collection via an external agency which will include administration fees set out in the Direct Debit Agreement.
If you don’t qualify for the Refund Advance service prior to us preparing your tax return you can opt for upfront payment or fee from refund. The fee from refund has its own conditions which are very similar to the Refund Advance option. If, after the preparation of your tax return we determined that you are ineligible for a Refund Advance you are obligated to pay us upfront for the work completed.
No. Applying for the Refund Advance will not affect your credit score. However, if you are approved and receive and default on the required payment we will refer or assign the matter to a collection agency under their terms.