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Having a hard time turning a profit? With our help, we can get you get your business on the road to profitability in 90 days.



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Struggling to Pay Your Tax, Suppliers, or Yourself?

Everyone goes into business to make a profit

But most far short of the mark. The result? You fall behind in your payments (often resulting in penalties), and even find it difficult
to pay yourself regularly. Many businesses resort to high interest loans which makes matter worse. The cycle continues until it’s
too late.

The truth is that profit needs to be planned using verifiable
and proven methods.

Your Business Needs a Profit Pro's Assessment

Every business needs a Profit Pro’s Assessment.

It’s a report that highlights your business’s past, current, and hidden future financial performance and provides the foundation to attain sustainable long-term profitability and financial freedom.

A profit assessment is the first step in your profit first journey.


We complete a full analysis of your current situation and compare the result with a similar healthy business.


Then we set targets and lock in an absolutely foolproof way of reaching your profit goals.


We continuously fine tune your cash management plan to ensure you reach profitability in the shortest possible timeframe and maintain it for the long term.

(A full comprehensive plan is provided on signup)

Transform Your Cash-Eating Monster into a Profit-Making Machine

Accountants Direct is the trusted authority on profitability. With a Certified Profit First Pro onboard you’ll achieve profitability and and build wealth year after year.

Businesses Trust Profit Pro's

Businesses need profit to achieve their goals!

The number one challenge facing business owners today is sustainable profit. We’ll help you to make it a reality.

Businesses trust Profit PRO'S

Let us help you establish an effective cash management system that, if followed, will guarantee you profits sooner than you think.

Get it right from the start

Accountants Direct can provide the expertise, direction and support that only a profit firm can deliver.

Our Service Is Ideal for…

  • Those struggling with cashflow and wishing to turn their businesses around
  • Those seeking to reduce or eliminate business and or personal debt.
  • Those continually having to take out loans to keep their business afloat.
  • Those ready to learn more about money management.
  • Those arranging payment plans with the ATO year after year.

Get control of your money and your cashflow. Let us assist you to pay yourself an industry wage, and grow your business, pay your bills on time, and get profitable, permanently. As experienced public accountants and advisors we can highlight your major issues and handle them using a range of tools.

Profit First ® in 2 Minutes

Mike Michalowicz, the creator of Profit First, explains how Profit First was
designed to channel human behavior to drive the outcomes you want.

Got a Burning Question? Let Us Help.

Fundamentally, Profit First turns the traditional view of accounting and cash flow on its head by changing the equation used to calculate profits from Sales minus Expenses = Profits to Sales minus Profit = Expenses. Among other things, the system involves moving planned percentages of your cash deposits into separate bank accounts to cover operating costs, owner’s payments, taxes and profits.

Profit First works by moving planned percentages of your cash deposits into separate bank accounts to cover operating costs, owner’s payments, taxes and profits. Current allocation percentages (CAPS) are determined by the profit assessment (performed by us) and then we jointly set target allocation percentages (TAPS) which is are where you’d like to grow your business from your current situation.

Profit First was initially introduced in 2014 via a best-selling business book by author and speaker Mike Michalowicz. The book, which has now sold over a million copies, contains dozens of case studies, practical, step-by-step advice, and has the game-changing roadmap for any entrepreneur. We mail a free hardcopy of the Profit First hardcover book to all prospective clients looking to apply it to their business.

Profit First Professionals are a global group of qualified business professionals who are certified in the Profit First methodology and generally are an existing trusted advisor in their chosen field. The group includes Accountants, Financial Planners, Business Advisors, and Business Development Consultants. Our CEO Stephen Burns is the primary Profit First Professional for Accountants Direct. His Profit first profile can be found here