Best Tax Deductions to Claim for Auditors and Company Secretaries

Auditors conduct audits of accounting systems, procedures and financial statements. Company Secretaries manage corporate funding, financial risk and corporate compliance activities.

Employment Profile

  • Average weekly pay: $2,114.85
  • Employment size: 21,000
  • Future growth: Moderate
  • Skill level: Bachelor degree or higher

Typical tax deductions include:

  • Motor vehicle travel between workplaces, visiting clients and attending training courses.
  • Overnight travel expenses visiting clients or attending different workplaces.
  • Phone and internet – work %.
  • Computers, tools and equipment.
  • Handbags, briefcases, and satchels.
  • Professional seminars, courses, conferences and workshops.
  • Reference books, technical journals and trade magazines.
  • Self-education courses related to the current job.
  • Home office running expenses.
  • Professional memberships – e.g. CPA, IPA, CA, etc.

Non-deductible expenses:

  • Cost of business lunches or business functions – even if business matters are discussed.

Tax Strategies we can assist you with.

  • Self-education expenses
  • Computers, tools, equipment and other assets
  • Union fees, licences, registrations and subscriptions
  • Phone and internet
  • Motor vehicle expenses: cents per km method
  • Home office running expenses
  • Handbags, briefcases and satchels
  • Overnight travel expenses


Click here to see Tax Calculator for Auditors and Company Secretaries.



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