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Best Tax Deductions to Claim for Photographers

Photographers operate still cameras to take photographs.

Employment Profile

  • Average weekly pay: $1,092.50
  • Employment size: 16,485
  • Future growth: Moderate
  • Skill level: Bachelor Degree or Higher

Typical tax deductions include:

  • Coaching classes or lessons if undertaken to maintain existing specific skills or to obtain work-related skills.
  • Motor vehicle travel to and from work if having either shifting workplaces (working at more than one site each day before returning home), or transporting bulky equipment.
  • Motor vehicle travel between work locations, or for training purposes.
  • Phone and internet – work %.
  • Home occupancy costs if required by the employer to work from home – includes a % of rent, mortgage interest, rates, insurance, etc.
  • Home office running expenses.
  • Commissions paid to agents.
  • Computers, tools and equipment.
  • Overtime meal expenses.
  • Cost of maintaining a photographic portfolio for publicity purposes.
  • Audio, videotapes, video digital discs and compact discs used for work.
  • Compulsory work uniform branded with the employers logo.
  • Sunglasses, sunscreens and cosmetics.
  • Union fees, licences, registrations and subscriptions.
  • Self-education expenses.
  • Overseas conferences, courses and study tours.
  • Overnight travel expenses visiting clients, or attending different workplaces – includes airfares, accommodation and meals.

Professional memberships.

Non-deductible expenses:

  • Joining fees paid to agencies.
  • Audition expenses – as incurred to gain work.
  • Cost of attending awards nights or other social functions.

Tax Strategies we can assist you with.

  • Home office occupancy expenses
  • Self-education expenses
  • Overseas conferences, courses and study tours
  • Sunglasses, sunscreens and cosmetics
  • Computers, tools, equipment and other assets
  • Compulsory work uniform
  • Logbook for motor vehicles
  • Union fees, licences, registrations and subscriptions
  • Phone and internet
  • Overnight travel expenses


Click here to see Tax Calculator for Photographers.


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