Tax Deductions for Travel Agents

Best Tax Deductions to Claim for Travel Agents

Travel Agents assist clients in making travel arrangements for both business and holiday purposes.

Employment Profile

  • Average weekly pay: $1,242
  • Employment size: 23,625
  • Future growth: Moderate
  • Skill level: Certificate II or III

Typical tax deductions include:

  • Motor vehicle travel between offices, visiting clients or for training purposes.
  • Phone and internet – work %.
  • Computers, tools and equipment.
  • Client gifts bought for work purposes by salespersons who are entitled to receive commission income – includes a Christmas hamper, a bottle of whisky, wine, gift vouchers, flowers, etc.
  • Overnight travel expenses attending conferences, seminars, training courses and industry promotions – includes airfares, accommodation, meals, and incidentals.
  • Education, familiarisation and other similar travel if undertaken specifically for work purposes (and not a holiday) -this must meet the guidelines in the 2008 Sanchez case.
  • Entry fees to tourist attractions where the sole purpose of the visit was for work-related purposes.
  • Compulsory work uniform branded with the employers logo.
  • Self-education courses -for example, Cert III in Tourism (Retail Travel Sales).
  • Magazines and books related to travel, holidays, sales, customer service, and management.
  • Home office running expenses.
  • Overseas conferences, courses and study tours.
  • Union fees, licences, registrations and subscriptions.

Professional memberships.

Non-deductible expenses:

  • Educational and familiarisation travel which is a holiday.
  • Travel for industry functions which includes entertainment, e.g. three-course meal, band, and alcoholic drinks.
  • Passport application and renewal fees – as it relates to the personal right to travel to an overseas destination.
  • Travel insurance

Tax Strategies we can assist you with.

  • Self-education expenses
  • Overseas conferences, courses and study tours
  • Computers, tools, equipment and other assets
  • Compulsory work uniform
  • Gifts to clients, suppliers and contractors
  • Union fees, licences, registrations and subscriptions
  • Phone and internet
  • Motor vehicle expenses: cents per km method
  • Home office running expenses
  • Overnight travel expenses


Click here to see Tax Calculator for Travel Agents.


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