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When do you need to lodge a tax return?

If you are an Australian resident for tax purposes, you are required to lodge a tax return with the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) every financial year. This is true whether you have earned income from your job, investments or rental properties, or even if you have no income at all.

The deadline for lodging your tax return is usually 31 October following the end of the financial year. For example, if the financial year ended on 30 June, you would have until 31 October to lodge your tax return. If you use a registered tax agent, however, you may be eligible for an extended deadline to May the following year.

Do I need to lodge a tax return if I have no income?

Even if you have no income to report, you may still need to lodge a tax return if you meet certain criteria. For example, if you received any government payments such as Centrelink benefits or the Age Pension, you may need to lodge a tax return. This is because these payments are considered taxable income and need to be reported to the ATO.

What happens if I don’t lodge my tax return on time?

If you don’t lodge your tax return on time, you may be subject to penalties and interest charges. The ATO may also take other enforcement action, such as garnishing your wages or seizing your assets, in order to recover any outstanding tax debt.

How do I lodge my tax return?

There are several ways to lodge your tax return in Australia. The most common and effective method is to use a registered tax agent. Tax agents are professionals in the field and will not only provide the best result  but the least amount of risk – and their fees are fully tax deductible.

What information do I need to provide in my tax return?

When lodging your tax return, you will need to provide details of all your income for the financial year, including salary and wages, investment income, rental income and any other sources of income. You will also need to provide details of any deductions or offsets you are entitled to claim, such as work-related expenses or charitable donations.

What if I make a mistake on my tax return?

If you make a mistake on your tax return, you can amend it by lodging a revised tax return. You can do this through your registered tax agent.

What records do I need to keep?

It’s important to keep accurate records of all your income and expenses throughout the financial year, as well as any relevant receipts and invoices. This will help you to complete your tax return accurately and ensure that you claim all the deductions and offsets you are entitled to.


Lodging a tax return in Australia is an important requirement for all Australian residents for tax purposes. Whether you have earned income or not, it’s important to know when to lodge a tax return and how to lodge your tax return in order to avoid penalties and interest charges. By keeping accurate records and seeking professional advice for a registered agent like Accountants Direct, you can ensure that you meet your obligations and stay on top of your tax affairs.

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