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Short on cash around tax time? You are not alone.

Luckily, most people doing their tax return through Accountants Direct are eligible for our Fee From Refund service – so you’ll never pay fees from your own pocket.

We do our best to make tax time painless and stress-free. So not only do we provide our clients with a fast turnaround and largest possible refund, but we also allow you to pay us when you get your refund. What’s more, any fees you do pay us are tax deductible the following year.

So how does it work?

We simply direct the ATO to send your refund to us in the first instance. We then remove our agreed fees and forward you the balance.

This service is available to most Accountants Direct clients, whether you’re completing your tax return at one of our locations or over the phone or video link.

Why would you use it?

  1. You keep your money in your pocket
  2. Our fees are fully tax-deductible next year
  3. You get the best refund (when many simply don’t!)

Can everyone get it?

Most clients who apply are eligible. However, if we ascertain from our initial consultation that you are not due a refund or there is some risk of an outstanding government debt being deducted from your refund, then, unfortunately, the service cannot be offered.

How to apply.

Simply ask your Accountants Direct representative during your tax appointment and they will check your eligibility. Note that there is a cost of $49.00 for this service.

Questions? Drop us an email or phone 1300 TAX SHOP


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